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MXR Tremolo M305

MXR Tremolo M305

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Introducing the MXR Tremolo M305 - the ultimate tremolo pedal for the modern guitarist. With six different tremolo modes to choose from, including the vintage-inspired MXR setting and the innovative REVO and OPTO modes, this pedal offers a wide range of organic and dynamic tremolo sounds.

But what sets the M305 apart is its ease of use. With just three simple controls - SPEED, GAIN, and DEPTH - you can dial in the perfect tremolo effect in no time. And if you want to switch things up, just press the gain button to cycle through the different modes.

But that's not all. The M305 also features stereo and mono settings, tap tempo, and even envelope tremolo, which allows you to control the effect with the intensity of your picking. And if you want to take your performance to the next level, the pedal is also compatible with an expression pedal.

Built to last and designed to inspire, the MXR Tremolo M305 is the perfect addition to any guitarist's pedalboard. With its true bypass and easy-to-use controls, you can focus on your playing and let the M305 take care of the rest. Get yours today and experience the power of tremolo like never before.

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