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MXR M80 Bass D.I.+

MXR M80 Bass D.I.+

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Introducing the MXR M80 Bass D.I.+, the ultimate tool for bassists looking to take their sound to the next level. This powerful pedal is packed with features that will help you achieve the perfect tone for any performance or recording session.

The MXR M80 Bass D.I.+ is not your average DI box. It comes equipped with a built-in distortion circuit that allows you to add grit and growl to your sound with ease. The distortion can be dialed in to your exact specifications, giving you complete control over your tone.

But that's not all – the MXR M80 Bass D.I.+ also features a 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange, allowing you to sculpt your sound to perfection. The midrange control is especially useful for cutting through the mix and making sure your bass is heard loud and clear.

And if that wasn't enough, the MXR M80 Bass D.I.+ also includes a parallel output for sending a clean signal to a separate amp or mixer. This makes it easy to blend your distorted and clean tones for a truly unique sound.

With its rugged construction and intuitive controls, the MXR M80 Bass D.I.+ is the perfect addition to any bassist's pedalboard. Don't settle for a bland, uninspired tone – upgrade to the MXR M80 Bass D.I.+ and take your sound to the next level. ~Order now and experience the power of the MXR M80 Bass D.I.+ for yourself!~

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