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MXR M108S 10-band Graphic EQ

MXR M108S 10-band Graphic EQ

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Looking for a way to take full control of your sound no matter what instrument you're playing? Look no further than the MXR M108S 10-band Graphic EQ. With this pedal, you can fine-tune your sound to perfection in any setting.

Not only does the M108S offer 10 bands of EQ, but it also allows you to adjust gain, making it a versatile addition to any setup. Need to cut out problem frequencies to prevent feedback? No problem. Want to boost certain frequencies for a solo? The M108S has you covered.

This pedal is a top-seller for a reason. Its lightweight yet durable casing and true bypass ensure that it can handle any gig, and its bright blue sliders make it easy to see and adjust even in low-light settings. Plus, with its ability to function as a standalone channel in your amp, the M108S is a must-have for any serious musician.

So if you're looking for a pedal that can take your sound to the next level, look no further than the MXR M108S 10-band Graphic EQ. Order now and experience the power and versatility of this essential addition to any rig.

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