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MXR Dyna Comp Mini M291

MXR Dyna Comp Mini M291

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Introducing the world-renowned MXR Dyna Comp Mini M291, now in a compact and portable size! This compressor for guitar is a studio standard and is known for its ability to "smooth out" the signal going into your amplifier, resulting in improved sustain. With the added bonus of an Attack switch, you can now choose the compression speed to suit your playing style. The slower response allows for a more aggressive attack, making it perfect for those heavy riff moments.

Built around the classic CA3080 Metal Can circuit, this compressor features OUTPUT and SENSITIVITY controls, while the Attack switch emphasizes the pick attack, making your sound even more dynamic and aggressive. The CA3080 Metal Can circuit is the backbone of this pedal, ensuring that it delivers a consistent and reliable performance every time.

This compressor requires a 9V adapter (included) and cannot be used with batteries due to its compact size. If you're looking for the perfect compressor for your guitar, look no further than the MXR Dyna Comp Mini M291. Get yours today and take your sound to the next level!

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