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MXR CSP102SL Script Dyna Comp

MXR CSP102SL Script Dyna Comp

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Introducing the iconic MXR CSP102SL Script Dyna Comp - the first-ever Dyna Comp that's been making waves in the music industry since its release. Handcrafted in MXR's Custom Shop, this compressor pedal boasts a Harris CA3080 "Metal Can" circuit, a small cylindrical component that's no longer in production. MXR uses the last remaining CA3080 parts to ensure the authenticity of the Script Dyna Comp.

With two controls - Sensitivity and Output - this pedal allows you to adjust the compression level and output volume, respectively. The compression effect may reduce volume, but the Output control lets you restore it to your desired level.

The CSP102SL model includes an on/off LED light and the option to use an external power source, features that weren't available in the original model. This vintage pedal has been a staple in the gear collection of legendary guitarists like David Gilmore, Mark Knopfler, and Prince, among others.

The Dyna Comp's classic sound has been enhanced with modern upgrades, eliminating any unwanted noise and improving dynamics. This pedal requires a 9V battery or power supply (not included) and is made in the USA.

If you're looking for the perfect compressor pedal, look no further than the MXR CSP102SL Script Dyna Comp. Experience the same sound that has captivated the music industry for decades. Get yours now and take your music to the next level.

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