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Kinsman Guitar Capo (eri värejä)

Kinsman Guitar Capo (eri värejä)

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Kinsman Guitar Capo (eri värejä)

With a high gloss finish enhancing the natural wood grain, the Kinsman Universal Exotic Wood Series Rosewood Capo, is unrivalled in price, quality, versatility and performance.

Whilst this gorgeous looking capo will certainly look fabulous on acoustic or electric guitars, musicians love the one-handed operation, which allows quick and easy repositioning between, or indeed mid-song. Operating is a breeze, simply squeeze the spring loaded lever to move positions and lock in place with the back lever.

This beautiful, slim and stylish capo has been specifically designed for use on both flat or curved fingerboards without impeding your playing, whilst a durable rubber pad protects the guitar’s neck and a cushioned pad applies even pressure on all strings, ensuring a buzz-free performance and tuning stability.

The Kinsman Universal Exotic Wood Series Rosewood Capo, is the perfect gigbag accessory and meets all the demands of the musician who requires superior performance and reliability from a high quality capo.

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