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Ibanez WH10V3 Classic Wah

Ibanez WH10V3 Classic Wah

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Looking for a versatile and durable wah pedal that has been a well-kept secret among top guitarists? Look no further than the Ibanez WH10V3 Classic Wah. With its sturdy cast aluminum body and multiple features, this pedal has earned a reputation as a go-to choice for players like John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

One of the standout features of the WH10V3 is its frequency range switch, which allows you to adjust the pedal for use with either bass or electric guitar. You can also use the separate depth control to fine-tune the wah effect to your liking, and the volume boost function ensures that your solos will cut through the mix.

The pedal also includes both true and buffered bypass options, as well as a multiple feedback opamp circuit that provides a high-quality sound without the use of traditional inductor-based wah effects.

Whether you're a guitarist or bassist, the Ibanez WH10V3 Classic Wah is a must-have addition to your effects arsenal. It can be powered by a 9V battery or an external power supply (sold separately), and its compact dimensions make it easy to fit onto any pedalboard. Don't miss out on this top-quality wah pedal - order yours today!

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