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Ibanez TMB30-MGR Short Scale

Ibanez TMB30-MGR Short Scale

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Introducing the Ibanez TMB30-MGR Short Scale Talman - a classic bass guitar with a modern twist! With its traditional design and electronics, this bass guitar is perfect for those seeking old-school sounds with a contemporary feel. The Ibanez Talman features a compact 30" scale length, making it easy to play and perfect for musicians of all levels.

Crafted with a poplar body and a TMB4 maple neck, this bass guitar delivers a warm and rich tone that is sure to impress. The jatoba fretboard with medium frets ensures a smooth and comfortable playing experience, while the B10 bridge with 19mm string spacing provides excellent sustain and tuning stability.

Equipped with Dynamix P and J passive pickups, this bass guitar delivers a powerful and versatile sound that can handle any genre of music. Whether you're playing funk, rock, or jazz, the Ibanez TMB30-MGR Short Scale Talman has got you covered.

Overall, the Ibanez TMB30-MGR Short Scale Talman is a must-have for any bass player looking for a high-quality instrument that delivers exceptional sound and playability. So why wait? Get your hands on this amazing bass guitar today and take your music to the next level! ~Order now and experience the true essence of old-school sound with a modern touch.~

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