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Ibanez M80M Meshuggah Signature

Ibanez M80M Meshuggah Signature

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Introducing the Ibanez M80M Meshuggah Signature guitar - a true masterpiece designed for the most discerning musicians. This 8-string electric guitar boasts an impressive array of features that make it a must-have for any serious player.

Crafted with a 5-piece maple/walnut neck and KTS TITANIUM-reinforcement rods, the M80M offers unparalleled strength and stability. The mahogany body and rosewood fretboard add warmth and depth to the sound, while the Lundgren Model M8P passive pickup delivers a powerful punch.

With a factory tuning of 1D#,2A#,3F#,4C#,5G#,6D#,7A#,8F and .009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042/.054/.065 factory strings, this guitar is ready to rock right out of the box. And with its sleek Weathered Black finish, it looks as good as it sounds.

Whether you're a fan of Meshuggah or just looking for a high-quality 8-string guitar, the Ibanez M80M is sure to impress. Don't wait - add it to your collection today and take your playing to the next level!

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