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Ibanez EHB1000S-SFM Bass Workshop

Ibanez EHB1000S-SFM Bass Workshop

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Introducing the Ibanez EHB1000S-SFM Bass Workshop - a game changer in the world of electric bass guitars! With a unique headless design and a shorter 30" scale, this bass is perfect for players of all sizes. The ergonomic design ensures a balanced weight distribution, making it comfortable to play for hours on end.

Crafted with a stunning sea foam green matte finish, the Ibanez EHB1000S-SFM is a true beauty to behold. The 5-piece roasted maple and walnut neck, reinforced with graphite rods, provides unparalleled stability and durability. The fretboard, made of roasted birdseye maple with offset pearl inlays, adds a touch of elegance to this already stunning instrument.

Equipped with Bartolini BH2 pickups and Vari-mid III 3-band EQ, this bass delivers a versatile range of sounds. The active/passive switch and tone control allow for even more tonal options. The MR5HS bridge with 19mm string spacing ensures perfect intonation and maximum sustain.

The Ibanez EHB1000S-SFM Bass Workshop is not just a bass guitar, it's a work of art. With its unparalleled comfort, stunning design, and exceptional sound, this bass is a must-have for any serious bass player. Don't miss your chance to own this masterpiece!

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