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Ibanez EH10-TGM

Ibanez EH10-TGM

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Introducing the Ibanez EH10-TGM Premium electric guitar, the signature model of Eric Hansel from CHON. This guitar is a true masterpiece, designed for the most versatile and complex music production. With its unique H-S pickup configuration, the HS10 model is a classic that combines the best of both worlds. The single-coil neck pickup produces a sound that cannot be achieved by just splitting a humbucker.

One of the most exceptional features of this guitar is its 24-fret neck with a single-coil pickup. The Premium AZ series features a thermally treated neck and fretboard, making it more stable and durable, and able to withstand changes in humidity. The fretboard material adds more sustain to the sound, and the neck is sealed with an oil finish. The fret edges are rounded for a smooth feel, making it comfortable to play.

The Super All Access neck joint provides unparalleled playability, giving you access to the upper frets with ease. The extra 8mm milling on the back of the body provides space for your hand to move freely, allowing you to play even the highest frets effortlessly. The neck joint is still as substantial as ever, ensuring that the sound and sustain are not compromised.

The glowing fret markers on the side of the neck are a small but useful addition, especially if you're performing in low light conditions. The AZ Premium series is equipped with Gotoh Magnum Lock tuners, known for their firmness in maintaining tuning stability. The stainless-steel frets provide an articulate and clear sound, making it perfect for both chords and single notes.

The AZ body contour milling is designed in every direction, giving you the ultimate playing experience. This guitar is a must-have for any musician who values quality, playability, and versatility. Get your hands on the Ibanez EH10-TGM Premium electric guitar today and take your music to the next level!

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