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Ibanez AEG70-VVH

Ibanez AEG70-VVH

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Introducing the Ibanez AEG70-VVH, a stunning addition to the 2021 lineup of elektroakustinen kitara. Crafted with a laminated loimuvaahterakansi and sapele sides and back, this guitar is built to withstand temperature and humidity changes, making it the perfect choice for live performances. The small and low AEG body shape ensures that the guitar stays put and doesn't spin out of control while you're on stage.

The AEG70-VVH boasts a Nyatoh neck and a pähkinäpuu fingerboard, adorned with white dot inlays. The valurunkoiset kromiset virityskoneistot and Ibanez Advantage™ kielitapit ensure that your guitar stays in tune, while the factory-installed Ibanez T-bar II piezo pickup and AEQ-TTS preamp deliver a rich and natural sound.

This guitar comes with a built-in viritysmittari and a 6.3mm jack for easy connectivity. The vintage violin high gloss finish adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. With its exceptional playability and premium features, the Ibanez AEG70-VVH is a must-have for any serious musician. Get yours today and experience the ultimate in acoustic performance.

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