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Ibanez AEG50N-BKH nylon string

Ibanez AEG50N-BKH nylon string

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Are you ready to take your live performances to the next level? Look no further than the Ibanez AEG50N-BKH Nylon String Acoustic Guitar! This magical instrument is crafted with a laminated body that can withstand any adventure you embark on as a traveling musician. The AEG body style is designed to be compact and shallow, providing excellent playability and minimizing feedback. The slender neck and 20-fret fingerboard offer a comfortable playing experience, especially for those transitioning from classical to acoustic guitars.

But let's talk about the real magic of this guitar - the stunning black high gloss finish! It's sure to make you stand out on stage and turn heads in the audience. The top is made from spruce, while the sides and back are made from sapele, giving it a warm and mellow tone. And with the nut and bridge made from walnut, and fingerboard made from rich and durable rosewood, you'll feel like you're playing a guitar fit for a fairy tale.

But don't be fooled by its whimsical appearance - this guitar means business. The Ibanez AEG50N-BKH is equipped with a T-bar II piezo pickup located under the bridge, which captures the natural sound of the guitar and sends it to the Ibanez AEQ-TTS preamp. This preamp includes a built-in tuner, making it easy to keep your guitar in tune at all times. Plus, the gold tuning machines add a touch of class and sophistication to this already elegant instrument.

So, whether you're a professional musician or just starting out on your musical journey, the Ibanez AEG50N-BKH Nylon String Acoustic Guitar is a must-have for any collection. With its superior sound and playability, you'll feel like you're living in a fairy tale every time you pick it up. Order yours today and let the magic begin!

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