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Guitar Tech S-type Accessory Kit (choose colour)

Guitar Tech S-type Accessory Kit (choose colour)

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Guitar Tech S-type Accessory Kit (choose colour)

One of the quickest, easiest and best ways to change the look of your guitar – as long as it’s the classic twin cutaway Californian style guitar with 3 x single coil pickups and onboard vibrato, that is – is to change the plastics for a set with a different hue.
Best to do this in a one-er though, for maximum effect.

Colour options for each Guitar Tech Accessory Pack available are Black, White, Cream and Mint Green, the latter two being an ideal to add that hint of – vintage aged plastic’ to your guitar.

Accessory Kits contain:

1 x Back Spring Cover

3 x Single Pickup Covers

3 x S-type Knobs (1 x Volume, 2 x Tone)

1 x Tremolo Arm Knob

1 x Lever Switch Knob

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