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Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah-pedaali

Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah-pedaali

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Introducing the Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah Pedal - the ultimate tool for any electric guitar player! This pedal packs a punch with both a traditional wah and distortion pedal in one sleek design. Equipped with a Fasel inductor coil, the wah sound is nothing short of classic. And with the added bonus of a foot-switchable distortion, you can seamlessly transition from clean to dirty tones with ease.

The GAIN control allows you to dial in the perfect amount of distortion, while the VOLUME control lets you adjust the overall volume of the effect. Plus, the battery compartment is conveniently located on the pedal's rocker for easy access.

Crafted in the USA, this pedal is a must-have for any discerning musician. Please note that an 18V power supply (not included) or 2x9V batteries (not included) are required for operation.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Add the Dunlop SW95 Slash Signature Wah Pedal to your collection today and experience the ultimate in tone-shaping capabilities. Check out our comprehensive wah pedal comparison chart for more information or read about the differences between wah pedals on our blog!

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