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DiMarzio PAF Master bridge F-spaced DP261FBK

DiMarzio PAF Master bridge F-spaced DP261FBK

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Looking for a guitar pickup that delivers the ultimate vintage sound with modern construction? Look no further than the DiMarzio PAF Master tallamikki F-spaced DP261FBK.

This pickup is built on the idea of faithfully replicating the sound of vintage PAF pickups, while utilizing modern construction techniques to eliminate unwanted noise and hum. The result is a pickup that is clear, dynamic, and powerful.

With a resistance of 7.69 Kohm and a power output of 278mV, the PAF Master tallamikki may not be the most powerful pickup on the market, but it more than makes up for it with its lightning-fast response and aggressive tone. The Alnico 4 magnet and carefully tuned coils deliver a balanced sound with a treble rating of 5.0/10, mid rating of 6.0/10, and bass rating of 5.0/10.

This pickup is available in classic black with chrome poles, and is also F-spaced to accommodate guitars with a string spacing of 51mm at the bridge. If you're unsure about the spacing of your guitar's strings, it's always best to go with the F-spaced option to ensure proper alignment.

If you're looking to upgrade your guitar's sound, the DiMarzio PAF Master tallamikki F-spaced DP261FBK is the perfect choice. With its vintage sound and modern construction, it's the best of both worlds. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in guitar tone.

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