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DiMarzio DP793 Air Norton 7

DiMarzio DP793 Air Norton 7

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Looking for a versatile pickup for your 7-string guitar? Look no further than the DiMarzio DP793 Air Norton 7. This pickup is a true all-rounder, equally at home in the neck or bridge position, and perfect for a wide range of musical styles.

Originally designed as a bridge pickup, the Air Norton 7 has proven itself to be just as effective in the neck position. Its warm, open sound is the perfect complement to the searing tone of a Blaze Custom or Evolution 7 in the neck, or the more subdued PAF 7 or Blaze Neck in the bridge.

But what sets the Air Norton 7 apart is its Airbucker construction. By reducing the magnetic pull on the strings, this pickup offers improved sustain and tuning stability, making it a must-have for any serious player.

With its sleek black casing and chrome accents, the DiMarzio DP793 Air Norton 7 is as stylish as it is versatile. So why wait? Upgrade your 7-string guitar today with the pickup that does it all.

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