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DiMarzio DP422 Injector neck

DiMarzio DP422 Injector neck

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Looking for a powerful and dynamic single-coil pickup for your guitar? Look no further than the DiMarzio DP422 Injector Neck pickup, designed in collaboration with guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert.

With its unique design featuring 40% less magnetic pull than traditional single-coils, the Injector Neck offers lightning-fast response and unparalleled clarity, whether you're playing arpeggios or power chords. And with a powerful 160mV output, this pickup delivers all the punch and definition you need to cut through any mix.

But the Injector Neck isn't just a one-trick pony - it's versatile enough to be used in any position, from neck to bridge. And if you're looking to replicate Paul Gilbert's signature sound, pair the Injector Neck with the Area 67 in the middle position for a truly killer combination.

So if you're ready to take your guitar playing to the next level, add the DiMarzio DP422 Injector Neck pickup to your cart today. With its cutting-edge design and unbeatable tone, you won't be disappointed.

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