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DiMarzio DP255 Transition bridge

DiMarzio DP255 Transition bridge

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Looking for a powerful and dynamic pickup for your guitar? Look no further than the DiMarzio DP255 Transition bridge pickup. Designed in collaboration with legendary guitarist Steve Lukather, these pickups are the perfect choice for technical playing and shredding.

With a ceramic magnet and a balanced tone, the Transition pickup delivers plenty of power and depth. Lukather himself describes the sound as "organic" – perfect for players who want a natural, authentic tone. And with a normal spacing between the poles and a high output of 390mV, this pickup is sure to make your guitar sing.

Whether you're playing rock, blues, or metal, the DP255 Transition pickup is the perfect choice for any style. And with its sleek black finish and chrome accents, it looks just as great as it sounds. So why wait? Upgrade your guitar today with the DiMarzio DP255 Transition bridge pickup.

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