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DiMarzio DP187 The Cruiser bridge

DiMarzio DP187 The Cruiser bridge

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Introducing the DiMarzio DP187 The Cruiser pickup, a modern twist on the classic Stratocaster sound. With its single-coil-like overall tone and reduced magnetic pull, this pickup delivers a more in-tune guitar and a singing, open midrange. The Cruiser's powerful and versatile frequency response makes it a perfect fit for any position, whether you're looking to upgrade your weaker Strat pickups or pair it with vintage-style humbuckers in the middle or neck positions.

Crafted with a ceramic magnet and boasting a treble rating of 8.0, mid rating of 4.5/10, and bass rating of 5.5/10, The Cruiser delivers a whopping 143mV of power with a resistance of 5.75 Kohm. Plus, its sleek white shell with black poles adds a touch of modern elegance to your guitar's look.

Since 1994, DiMarzio has been crafting high-quality pickups that musicians around the world trust and rely on. And with a variety of customization options available, you can make The Cruiser pickup truly your own.

Upgrade your Stratocaster's sound with the DiMarzio DP187 The Cruiser pickup today!

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