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DiMarzio DP100KK Super Distortion Black Cover

DiMarzio DP100KK Super Distortion Black Cover

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Introducing the original replacement pickup that changed the game for guitarists everywhere - the DiMarzio DP100KK Super Distortion with a sleek black matte cover. Developed by Larry DiMarzio himself, this pickup was the first of its kind and has been a best-seller since the 70s.

Designed to drive even the most anemic amps into overdrive, the Super Distortion is perfect for those who crave a heavy, high-output sound. With a ceramic magnet and impressive ratings of 5.5/10 for treble, 7.5/10 for mid, and 8.0/10 for bass, this pickup packs a serious punch.

Not only is the Super Distortion a powerhouse, but it's also versatile. While it's recommended for use in the bridge position, it can also be used in the neck position with the gain settings turned down.

This pickup has a resistance of 13.68 Kohm and produces a whopping 425mV of power. And with its iconic black matte cover, it's sure to look great on any guitar.

Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the game, the DiMarzio DP100KK Super Distortion is a must-have for any guitarist looking to take their sound to the next level. Get yours today and experience the original high-output pickup that revolutionized the industry.

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