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Cympad Moderator Set 90x15mm (2 pcs)

Cympad Moderator Set 90x15mm (2 pcs)

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Looking for a way to control your cymbal volume and unwanted overtones? Look no further than the Cympad Moderator Set! This set includes two 90x15mm pads made from advanced cellular foam material, providing consistency and dependability with every use.

With the Cympad Moderator Set, you can reduce cymbal volume, control sustain, and increase articulation for a more precise and controlled sound. Whether you're rehearsing, recording, or performing, these pads offer incremental tone control for a range of cymbals.

Not only are these pads perfect for professional use, but they're also highly recommended for practice rooms and teaching studios. Don't let loud cymbals disrupt your practice or lesson - grab a set of Cympad Moderators today and take control of your sound!

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