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Pearl AX-25L

Pearl AX-25L

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Introducing the Pearl AX-25L, a must-have for any drummer looking to upgrade their cymbal setup. This sturdy boom stand is built to last, with a double-braced design that ensures stability and durability.

Featuring a Uni-Lock Tilter system, the AX-25L allows for precise positioning of your cymbals, giving you the ability to find your perfect sound. The stand also includes a reversible cymbal cup that can be used to support a variety of cymbal sizes.

With a maximum height of 64 inches, this stand is perfect for drummers of all heights and playing styles. The stand also includes a memory lock, ensuring that your cymbals stay in place no matter how hard you play.

Upgrade your drum kit with the Pearl AX-25L boom stand and experience the difference in stability and sound quality. ~Order now and take your drumming to the next level.~

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