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Schecter Damien-6 SBK 6-kielinen sähkökitara

Schecter Damien-6 SBK 6-kielinen sähkökitara

Normaalihinta €699.00 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €699.00 EUR
Alennusmyynti Loppu
tai osamaksulla jopa 36 kk maksuajalla (Jousto tai Walley)

Introducing the Schecter Damien-6 SBK, the ultimate tool for creating dark and haunting music. This guitar embodies the perfect balance between simplicity and horror-inspired aesthetics. Equipped with brand new Schecter Diamond Heretic pickups, which resemble the aggressive Brimstone passive humbuckers, this guitar delivers an unparalleled sound. Crafted from mahogany, the body produces rich low-end tones, crisp highs, and perfectly balanced mid-range frequencies. The maple neck, adorned with a rosewood fretboard featuring flying bats, adds a touch of gothic elegance. The satin black finish is as dark as the night sky.

This 6-string electric guitar features a bolt-on neck and Schecter Custom Hardtail bridge, with strings through the body for added sustain. The 25.5" scale length and 24 X-jumbo frets make it easy to play complex riffs and solos. The thin C neck profile and Graph Tech XL Black Tusq nut ensure comfortable and precise playing. The Schecter Damien-6 SBK also includes passive electronics, a volume (push-pull)/tone/3-way switch, and comes with Ernie Ball Slinky #2221 (.010-.046) strings.

Whether you're a fan of metal, hard rock, or any other genre that requires a dark and powerful sound, the Schecter Damien-6 SBK is the perfect instrument for you. Get ready to unleash your inner darkness and create haunting melodies that will leave your audience spellbound. Order yours today and experience the ultimate tool for creating spine-chilling music.

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