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Orange Getaway Driver pedal

Orange Getaway Driver pedal

Normaalihinta €159.00 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €159.00 EUR
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tai osamaksulla jopa 36 kk maksuajalla (Jousto tai Walley)

Looking for a pedal that can take you back in time to the golden age of rock? Look no further than the Orange Getaway Driver. This pedal is a powerhouse, combining overdrive, speaker simulation, and A-class amplifier all in one compact package. With its three simple controls - volume, bite, and gain - the Getaway Driver delivers a vintage sound that will take you straight back to the 70s.

But this pedal isn't just for nostalgia-seekers. It also excels when paired with a clean channel tube amp, pushing your sound into overdrive territory. And if you need a boost, simply turn down the gain and crank up the volume for a clean and powerful sound.

The Getaway Driver's JFET transistors are designed to mimic the sound of A-class amplifier tubes, while the input and output buffers and speaker simulation are all created using operational amplifiers. And with the Charge Pump circuit providing an 18V headroom level, you can be sure that the sound you get is authentic and powerful.

But that's not all. With its buffered output and CabSim speaker simulation output, the Getaway Driver can be used as a standalone speaker simulator, or you can run it through a DI box straight into your PA system. And with the ability to adjust the voltage input, you can even mimic the sound of different tube amp types.

So if you're looking for a pedal that can take you back in time while still delivering modern versatility, the Orange Getaway Driver is the perfect choice. Don't miss out on this incredible addition to your pedalboard.

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